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Last month I got invited by The Admiral Zaton hotel to participate in their summer adventure programme in Croatia.
This country has been on my mind lately and I was quite curious to explore it.
The Admiral Zaton hotel‘s programme sounded very exciting and full of various activities,
which I’m going to tell you more about in this blog post.
Sadly, sometimes expectations do not meet reality and even though the hotel has great potential
and is in a very lovely location, our experience with it was slightly unpleasant.
But lemme start from the beginning!
Ellen & James bag
 The very first morning we woke up in our room overlooking the bay of Zaton.
We had a day trip to Krka national park planned and since it’s a massive touristic attraction,
we had to leave as early as possible and have our breakfast on the way.
It was a very nice experience since we were getting a lift by boat
and I couldn’t picture more perfect way to start the day than having my food surrounded by the sea.
Once we reached the little town of Skradin, we had to queue for a ferry to the famous Krka waterfalls.
One thing which I found pretty unusual yet fun is that people use boats like we use cars in that part of Croatia,
they even have uber boats, how cool is that??
The first ferry to Krka leaves at 8am and if you’re planning your trip in high season,
I highly recommend aiming for this time.
We had the luxury of dipping our toes while the waterfalls were completely empty
but by 11am it got so packed, it was impossible to move around without queuing for a while!
That’s when we decided it’s enough of waterfalls and it’s time to explore Skradin.
If you get a chance, do spare half an hour to walk around that pretty town.
We found one spot (thanks to our hotel for sharing tips), which looked like it was straight out of Burano!
Wearing Pitusa top
Wearing Andi Bagus bikini
Wearing Pitusa top
After an eventful half day, we headed back to our hotel to recharge the batteries
and get ready for some ‘live like local’ experience organised by our hosts.
We drove just outside of Zaton, to some very interesting man’s house,
where he was preparing a traditional Dalmatian peka for us for the past eight or so hours!
We got greeted with some homemade rakija (fruit brandy of sorts) and cheese,
all consumed swinging to the impressive collection of retro vinyls playing in the background.
It was hands down one of the best and most authentic evenings we spent in Croatia!
After a very filling dinner, we got introduced to a traditional Croatian game called picigin,
which we played until it got completely dark and we headed back to our hotel.
Wearing Pitusa dress
 The next day we had some island hopping planned with the first stop being Kaprije.
After a hearty lunch at a restaurant which also happens to be the only building on the island
and all customers just casually boating there for lunch,
we indulged in some post-food-coma floats in the clearest waters I’ve seen.
Unfortunately, that was the moment when things started going south..
Wearing Lahana Swim bikini
(Not too many options for veggies though!)
According to our itinerary, we had a whole day of island hopping planned,
ending with us being dropped off at Obonjan island for a couple of days to experience the uniqueness of place.
We were warned that not everyone is ‘vibing’ Obonjan and in case we don’t feel like staying there,
we could always ask for a transfer back to the hotel.
For some reason, our island hopping stopped before it even started
and we got dropped off at Obonjan without any luggage or money (our stuff arrived only at 8pm).
Also, we were treated as regular guests and had many unforeseen expenses
as Obonjan is very over-priced and our hosts failed to check whether we were taken care of or not.
After expressing our wishes to get back to the hotel, we were informed it’s not possible
and that we must spend two nights on the island.
Don’t get me wrong, if you’re into festival vibes and DJs playing electronic music almost 24/7,
then you must experience Obonjan island.
But it’s definitely not the type of travelling experience I am interested in or enjoying.
Thus, me and Melissa booked ourselves a place in Šibenik and spent two days there.
But more about us exploring Dalmatian coast on our own next week 😉
We did some island hopping the following day visiting three neighbouring islands.
Our first stop was Zlarin town-island, which is only accessible by boat.
It certainly did create a very unique experience knowing it’s not so easy to get here
(pardon me and my needs of finding hipster places unknown to crowds).
Also, it contributed to the overall feel of the whole town being somehow preserved in time,
you could feel the stories surrounding you while walking down the streets.
Wearing Seven Wonders the Label playsuit
We did hop around that day but once again,
I do choose to be present in the moment rather than documenting every second, occasionally.
The most enjoyable part of this island hopping was finding the most beautiful patches of water
and docking wherever you please to take a dip and relax.
We paddle boarded, island hopped, beach bummed and generally explored Šibenik region to the max!
To sum up the whole experience, it’s definitely my type of adventuring (minus the Obonjan island)
and if you ever decide to go off the beaten track and experience the best spots only locals know about,
I would definitely recommend getting in touch with The Admiral Zaton hotel.
It’s been only two years since they opened and I believe this press trip was a mutual lesson
for them as hosts and us as travellers.
A bit more organisation and most importantly, communication between themselves
and I could see The Admiral Zaton hotel becoming one of the top notch spots on Dalmatian coast!

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