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Okay guys, I think it’s about time I talk about my favourite trip from last year – birthday getaway to Santorini.
There is so much I would like to share & show and I’m just afraid not to bore you to death with the essay-like blog post!
Thus, it’s gonna be a two-part post again: first – general impressions and tips about Santorini,
second – our adventures and explorations.
In my opinion, there are a couple of places which everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime
and Santorini is definitely one of them.
It is very unique in all ways, starting with it’s geography and the fact
it’s a leftover of one of the biggest volcano eruptions in history!
One thing important to remember is that Santorini is a VERY popular touristic destination, especially among newly weds and soon-to-bes.
So, avoiding the high season will help you to save a few pennies and dodge the crowds with selfie sticks.
My birthday is in the end of September, which worked out perfectly for us regarding the issues mentioned above:
it was already a shoulder season and thus there were not so many tourists (which, to be honest, was still quite a lot!)
Another tip I would have is not to be lazy and go out early in the morning.
In order to (once again), avoid the crowds, it’s better to explore the town as soon as the sun starts rising.
Especially if you want to climb those famous rooftops and take some cool pictures 🙂 Oh, have I mentioned the food? It’s a real paradise for vegetarians and even vegans!
Check out tripadvisor for the best Greek tavernas, don’t be afraid to explore new flavours and keep your mind open,
you will be surprised by your discoveries.
We fell in love with capers, as apparently Santorini is famous for it and you can’t order a salad without getting a huge amount of this deliciousness.
Fava beans, famous tzatziki, zucchini fritters, locally produced cheese and of course, wine.
Portions are huuuge, so it’s easy to over-order, especially when prices are so low.
Wine doesn’t come in glasses anywhere in Greece, you have to order either half carafe or a whole one.
You can only guess, left me tipsy half the time I spent in Greece!
Greek food made it to the top of my favs, every time I wanted to take a picture of what we had,
it left Tom absolutely devastated that he had to wait for everything to arrive at the table 😀   Another very important activity you must not miss while in Santorini is watching the sunset.
I’ve never seen so many people gathered in one place just to bid farewell to the sun.
It is true that sunsets in Santorini are something entirely else, all you can see around is just a vast sea
and a couple of neighbourhood volcanic islands around & the mesmerising sun in all its glory,
gently painting the pretty little Santorinian houses in golden light.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to get some tips in the comment section below

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