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I swore to myself that every year I would explore a new part of Greece.
There’s something special about this country and it keeps calling me back.
This year I decided to avoid the touristic destinations and chose to visit the rich in history (and food) Peloponnese.
I must add that if you decide to visit Peloponnese, it’s pretty important to do some research in advance,
since  it’s a huge peninsula and it’s physically not possible to see everything,
you need to decide which part of Peloponnese you want to stay at.
Sandy beaches and warm water was a priority for us, therefore we chose to stay in western part,
where water is the warmest and most beaches are sandy.

We stayed at Gialova gardens bungallows & villas, which exceeded all of our expectations!
Since my parents love cooking food from locally sourced products (which are amazing quality in Greece if you didn’t know that already),
renting out a fully-equipped house was the best option for us.
We had a little jungle in the backyard with a huuuge hammock to relax in,
also, every morning we could go and pick some fresh oranges, peaches, and figs for breakfast.
We were amazed by the variety of food that grows there!
Olive trees, cacti and bougainvilleas on every corner.
Wearing LJC Designs dress
During one of the first days we decided to explore the nearby little towns and see what they have to offer.
One of our first stops was Methoni port town with an ancient fortified castle built in the medieval times.
Not gonna lie, Game of Thrones vibes all over that place!
The whole town is well preserved in time and all medieval buildings are restored to their previous glory,
while some of them have been converted to hotels and offer a unique experience of staying in a medieval building.
It was getting dark and we were getting hungry, so on the way back to our little village
we stopped at this very cute traditional Greek taverna called ‘Cuckoo’s’ in Pilos town.
Aside from looking like it’s straight out of a movie set,
this taverna also serves incredibly delicious food with hearty portions.
It’s so easy to overorder in Greece and we did that every time.
After a hearty meal and in need to burn those carbs, we strolled around the town and watched the sunset.
Pilos left the most positive impression and we kept coming back to this cute little town.
Wearing LJC Designs dress
Wearing LJC Designs dress
We did some proper beach hopping, visiting a new beach every day.
It’s something I highly recommend doing if you end up in Peloponnese,
since literally all the coastline is beaches, each of them being different and unique in a way.
Most of the time I was simply being present in the moment and enjoying time with my famiy
but I had to snap some shots of this unique beach called Voidokilia,
which NY Times named as one of the best beaches in the world.
It’s very worth the hike to see the lagoon from above
and also get the view of the vast sea on the other side of the beach.
Not mentioning the fact it’s a pristine white sand beach with the clearest water
and a UNESCO protection keeping it nice and tidy at all times.
Next day we decided to visit one of the few waterfalls there are in Peloponnese.
The most amazing thing about them is that they don’t get as crowded as the ones in Bali or other touristic destinations,
also they’re free of charge and you can swim in all of them for as long as you want!
We chose the closest to us which was Polilimnio waterfalls
but check out Neda waterfalls if you’re up for a bit of a hike, totally worth it.
It was my first time swimming in the waterfalls and I must say I got instantly hooked.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the colour of the water but it’s actually that turqoise!
There are many waterfall lakes that you can stop by during the hike and take a dip in,
with the most rewarding of them all being a huge waterfall at the very top.
Wearing Storm swimwear bikini

Wearing Storm swimwear bikini
Wearing Lahana Swim bikini
Wearing Josa Tulum dress
To sum up, I shared only a third of what we’ve done in Peloponnese
and I know I will be back to Greece again next year.
Peloponnese is such an unspoilt place, I highly recommend visiting it
before it gets crammed with tourists as most of Greece.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to share my insider tips with you!

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  1. Anna

    We have just got back from a holiday in the town where the castle (pictured) is, but it is called Methoni. Bit confused as to why you’ve referred to it as Monemvasia??

    • catchagypsea

      Hey Anna, thanks for pointing out! We went to both places and I did a mistake writing down their names 🙂 I hope you enjoyed Peloponnese!

  2. Maya

    Your pictures are amazing! Looks like you had a lot of fun with your family x

    • catchagypsea

      Hey Maya, I really appreciate the love! And yes, I had an amazing time with my parents and a friend, in fact we loved travelling together so much that we decided to celebrate my mum’s jubilee on another trip all together 🙂

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