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After spending some time in the very heart of Cappadocia, Goreme town (read all about that in PART 1)
We decided to go off the beaten track and explore Ayvali village and Urgup town.
We were particularly interested in Gamirasu hotel,
which was built on the grounds of a former monastery in the Byzantine era!
We were lucky enough to stay in their most luxurious room (and one of the most impressive ones in Cappadocia)
Byzantine King’s suite, which had a Turkish hamam, jacuzzi, private balcony, huuuuuge bed and all the amenities you might wish for!
Wearing Coco swimsuit
We didn’t expect such relaxation and complete detachment from the rest of the world,
So the first day we decided to stay in the hotel and just enjoy ourselves and get to know the staff.
If you ever decide to go to Cappadocia, I highly recommend spending at least one day in this place!
Such kind and warm people and amazing service which I’ve never experienced anywhere else.
Also, it is not so expensive having in mind you get the luxury service
and transfers to/from the hotel whenever you please to go out.
The next day we decided to go out and explore Urgup town.
It’s less touristic than Goreme but at the same time there are no balloons to watch at the sunrise.
It’s an interesting place for a day trip for sure!
For our last day in the magical land of Cappadocia we chose to stay in Sultan Cave Suites.
They have hands down the most picturesque and probably the most instagrammed
rooftop terrace to watch the balloons rising at the sunrise.
It’s definitely worth paying a visit (unfortunately, rooftop is available only for the guests of the hotel)
but it’s worth knowing that it gets really packed with people,
everyone trying to get that perfect shot (or 200) and pet Izmir.
The whole experience reminded me of Santorini a bit, with hordes of people fighting for a perfect sunset shot.
But if you don’t mind that, Sultan Cave Suites is an amazing picture-perfect spot!
Wearing Josa Tulum dress
There are still so many places in Cappadocia that I haven’t visited and I haven’t covered in my blog posts,
there are endless options for exploring there!
This magical place won a special place in my heart and I know that I will definitely be back again


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  1. Sara + Pat

    Awesome post and amazing pictures, so vibrant! Looks like such an interesting place to visit, we can’t wait to wxplore Turkey!

    • catchagypsea

      Hey guys, appreciate the love! Cappadocia is definitely a must visit place, you will love the hospitality there

  2. Chrissy

    Thank you for recommendations, very informative post. your pictures are so perfect! I really wanna visit Cappadocia too

    • catchagypsea

      Hey Chrissy, I’m pleased to hear you find it useful! I’m sure you won’t regret it adding Cappadocia to your travel plans 🙂

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