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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my freshly made blog. I hope to see you more often ๐Ÿ™‚
This trip to Cappadocia was so different and special to me, that I don’t even know where to start..
First of all, I must say that visiting this magical place should be on every serious wanderluster’s list!
This whole common misconception that Turkey is only good for tacky all-inclusive vacay
is not true and definitely does not apply to Cappadocia!
Although I won’t lie, I was pretty sceptical about this trip and how much I would actually enjoy it
but truth to be told, stereotypes do not apply to every case.
Getting to Cappadocia involves a bit of travelling as there are no direct flights from London to Cappadocia.
Me and my friend Vaclovas flew to Istanbul and took another flight to Kayseri.
Another option is flying to Nevsehir which is much closer to Cappadocia.
We failed to hire a car and therefore had to take around 3 or 4 buses to get to our hotel!
By that time we were exhausted, hangry and not excited to be in Turkey at all.
But our mood suddenly changed when we arrived to our first hotelย Local Cave House
Wearing Coco swimsuit
Wearing LJC designs dressEven though we travelled in the end of April (which might be a hit and miss season),
we were spoiled by sun and hot weather, so the first thing we did after dropping off our stuff
was relaxing by the pool and soaking in those Cappadocian views surrounding our hotel.
I highly recommend staying at this cosy hotel as first of all, it’s ridiculously cheap and a good value for money,
considering the fact you get to dip in the pool too.
Also, there are only a couple of cave rooms which makes the whole experience feel a bit more intimate and special.
Bare in mind though, you would need to book a room way in advance
and nights in Cappadocia are pretty chilly, so it might get a bit cold in a cave room.

Wearing Josa Tulum dress
The next morning we had to forget about our jet lags and get up at 4am in order to see what we came there for.
I’m not gonna lie, the drastic difference in temperature during the day & night really shocked me!
Temperature drops at least 20ยฐC degrees during the night, so pack some warm clothes if you decide to see the balloons
or even more so if you decide to take a ride.
I can’t describe all the emotions that filled me when I saw dozens of hot air balloons rising
while the night was slowly turning into the day.
One must see in order to understand it ๐Ÿ˜‰
Oh, and you can only imagine how freezing it was, hence us being armed with blankets!Wearing Runway Scout dress (SOLD OUT)
We hiked the valley and explored this moon-looking landscape for half the day
and it felt like there were only two us.
That’s one of the things I liked about Cappadocia – it didn’t get as crowded as Santorini or Amalfi coast.
The next day we went on a carpet hunt for Vaclovas and accidentally found one of the oldest
kilim (traditional Turkish carpets) shop in Cappadocia!
We had some plans for that day but ended up staying in the shop for hours
Just chatting to the owner and drinking some Turkish tea.
One thing Turkish people love is drinking tea/coffee and chatting over a cup of brew ๐Ÿ™‚
It was a very unique experience and we were pleasantly surprised by hospitality and friendliness
of Cappadocians, the overall vibe in Goreme was entirely magical!Later we decided to explore other towns of Cappadocia and after successfully hailing
a proper Turkish taxi (5 carpets in the car!) we headed to another town hidden in the valley.
But more about that in the part 2.

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  1. Pocket-sized Adventures

    Stunning photo’s you have! I went to Antalya, Turkey in 2015 and I was skeptical like you before hand but the beach with the mountains in the background is something else. The Termessos ruins were also so beautiful!


  2. Marta

    How many days did you stay in Cappadocia? And which hotels do you recommend?

    • catchagypsea

      Hey Marta! We did some hotel hopping and stayed at 4 different ones: Sultan cave suites, Local cave house, Gamirasu hotel and Traveler’s cave hotel. If you’re planning to stay in the very heart of Cappadocia, Goreme city, I would highly recommend Sultan cave suites or Local cave house. One has amazing rooftop terrace with the famous dog to observe the balloons rising, another one is more intimate with only a couple of rooms and an amazing pool surrounded by Cappadocian landscape. If you decide to be more adventurous and go off the beaten track, then Gamirasu is the best choice. I absolutely loved the staff and atmosphere in this hotel, also they provide a hotel transfer and transfer to the city of Urgup if you decide to go out

  3. Bianca

    Great post, informative and enjoyable to read. Photography goes without saying is stunning haha. Looks like a magical place to visit.

    • catchagypsea

      I’m very pleased to hear that! And yes, I would highly recommend visiting Cappadocia before it becomes one of the IT places like Santorini or Cinque terre ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Amanda

    I’m so happy you created a blog! Love your pictures from instagram xxx

  5. Angie

    Love this girl! So insightful and absolutely stunning photos!! ๐Ÿ˜ Can’t wait to read more!

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